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When Randall did some work for me, I was very impressed with his thoroughness and professionalism while providing his consulting services.  His work was of a very high standard and he always made a special effort to provide support, resolving any problems in a timely manner.


Naomi Slowe

Brooklyn, NY



From: Randall Magwood
Wednesday, 3:52 PM

Subject: Need help?

Dear Fellow Online Business Owner,

      Seminars are important (well at least some of them), and products are great also, but what happens in between seminars, and after you’ve acquired a product? How do you start the marketing process with your products and services?

      Monthly newsletters are time-consuming, cost a lot, and well... when is there a newsletter right when you need an answer to something?  Books and CD's are fine, but you have to study day-after-day, and do ALOT of trial and error.

      And what about forums and blogs?. They seem to talk about everything OTHER THAN the reason that you're there! They try to help you with your selling, but they're too busy trying to sell their own products to you!

      But I'm not done. When it comes to your own website... do you clearly tell each visitor how your products can help them? Do you do it with a step-by-step approach - until they finally click on your "buy now" button and purchase your product?

      Do you answer the questions that every new visitor has?  Do you give your visitors confidence that your products can help them achieve their goals?

      And when you DO finally get a few sales... do you have backend systems in place to gain even more sales from your new customers?  Or are you just focusing all your time and energy on getting the next new sale... that will never make you profitable?

      I know you have problems with your internet business. And I also know that you have problems in your personal life because of it.

      So what do you do to fix all of these problems? Where do you go to get help with the dilemmas that you have in your business?

      Our global economy is taking a hit right now. However, many online business owners have STILL found a way to grow their business during these tough economic bad times. The secret to their success is.....




      You cannot find ONE successful Olympic athlete, or pro-athlete in ANY sport who doesn't have and rely on at least one personal coach... a very knowledgeable mentor who works closely with them on an on-going basis.

      Those who are successful in the business and athletic world were coached mainly by ONE person that gave them complete, total attention. Just look all around you. All of the greats had coaches.

      Michael Jordan was “cut” by his 10th grade high school basketball team before he finally found someone who would personally mentor him to become the greatest basketball player of all time!

      Tiger Woods was not only the youngest winner of the Masters Golf
Championship... but he set the record for the lowest score! With all his skill and talent, he credits his success to his coach. And he STILL uses a coach!

      Anyone who is successful is successful for a reason: They had help. Actors and actresses like John Travolta and Julia Roberts all have coaches. Even tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams both have coaches!

      And according to Forbes magazine, more and more of the nation’s top business men and women are using coaches and consultants to help them achieve higher levels of success.


Even the “Little Successful Guys” Had Coaches Too!


      Even though the big stars have people that helped them to be famous, highly respected, and making tons of money... let’s take a look at the “ordinary little guys”... Like Me!

      When I was in high school playing basketball, I helped led my team to conference championships, and state championships; then I eventually went on to the Five-Star Basketball Camp in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and then the following year I attended the Nike All-American Basketball Camp in Indianapolis, Indiana - which eventually led to multiple basketball scholarship offers...

      My point is that, I had a basketball coach who, 5 times a week, would meet me at my high school, and workout with me to help refine my game. This is exactly what I want to accomplish with YOU.

      Every month you remain a client, your internet marketing income won’t deflate, or wither - because I will be giving you time-tested, and up-to-date internet marketing strategies that will keep YOU on the top of your game, which will help you bring in more new sales and profits... with ease!

      If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or stressed-out about the seemingly impossible task of building a consistent profit-generating business… I'm here to tell you that you can finally put an end to your worries. I am here to consult you to wealth in your business.


Who Exactly Am I??


      My name is Randall Magwood. As said above… I was a basketball star.


      Everyone thought that I would go to a huge Division I College, and eventually go pro. Well… I turned down ALL of my basketball scholarships, and ended up going to Clemson University to study Computer Engineering.


      But before I left to college, my cousin told me about selling on the internet - and I was highly interested. When I was a freshman in college, I was making money, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy my greed glands.


      So I looked around and found this guy who had succeeded online. I paid $17 to license his ebooks, and I used my laptop computer from college to sell the products.


      Within my first month of selling these products, I had a trickle of money coming in. But that wasn’t enough.


      So I paid $997 purchased licenses to many more renowned marketers’ products and continued to sell, learn, and build my internet business over the next couple of years. Slowly but surely my income online steadily increased.


      Now after over 15 years on the internet, I get requests for collaborations, joint ventures, product translations to be sold in different countries, interview requests, and request from people who seek me out to help them with their business.


      My internet marketing expertise has become world-renowned because tons of people have been exposed to my training, and they come back more and more for my help.


      Unfortunately though, I don’t work for free. But my rates are affordable.


      Many success stories have been created from my help. Yet even so still… even I have to answer to the 31 questions every internet marketing consultant must say “YES!” to.


      It’s time to put me to the test:


The 31 Questions Every Internet Marketing Consultant Must Answer YES! To Before Hiring Them

(Applicable To Me Too)


  1. When it comes to my business, is there a particular way that you will define “success”?


Yes. “Success” will means more sales and revenue, and getting you closer and closer to breaking even so that you every ad you run afterwards will result in 100% profit.


  1. Do you ususally work with a client for a long period of time?


Yes. My clients remain with me for a long period of time because of the progress that they achieve. Every month I give them information that helps to boost their income.


Why would anyone stay with a consultant for 6 months or more who aren’t helping them make ANY money?


  1. Will you be using any form of digital marketing for my business?


Yes. Digital marketing is essential in the role of promotion for any business – offline or on.


Some of these digital marketing techniques can lower your cost of acquiring a customer, get you free leads, get you free sales, and can turn itself into a viral marketing tool… that never stops.


  1. Do you think that the marketing I’m doing now needs to change – even though it works great for my competitors?


Yes. Your competitors could be losing money for all that we know. I mean actually, do you call them and ask them how much money they’ve made today?


Some of these competitors aren’t making money either. So if you copy the wrong competitor, you are just throwing money away.


Plus, you may not be doing EVERYTHING that successful competitors are doing to make their business successful.


  1. Can you explain education-based marketing and selling-based marketing?


Yes. With education-based marketing, your prospects are being offered advice. They are not being pitched upfront.


Your audience does not feel you are forcing them to pay for something right now. They feel affinity towards the message because it speaks to the core of the problem they’re having or solution they’re seeking.


With selling-based marketing, you basically bombard your prospect with sales offer after sales offer. This is the equivalent of running a classified ad in Entrepreneur Magazine amongst the hundreds of other classified ads on the page.


How do you stand out from the crowd with this approach?


I recommend education-based marketing – but more specifically, “direct response marketing”.


With direct response marketing, instead of losing money because of image sake, you generate leads, followup on them, get them to buy, and then get them to buy more of your products. Your bottom line will grow faster with this concept.


20% of your profits will come from first time buyers. 80% of your profits will come from recurring sales from your existing customers.


This is the approach I take.


  1. Is there a better form of marketing other than brand building?


Yes. It’s called “direct response marketing”. It's all about positioning instead of prospecting, about attraction instead of pursuit.


For your online business, a different combination of marketing messages, target markets, and internet marketing strategies will merge together as a SYSTEM. This “system” will cause people to come to you, instead of you going to them.


In short, it’s a highly-effective form of internet marketing will change the way you acquire your new customers... forever.


  1. Have you ever hired an internet marketing consultant or public relations firm for yourself?


Yes. I have, and it helped tremendously. I had $2000 when I left college, and I chose to spend it with a guy who lived 3,000 miles away. I was THAT confident in him.


I learned how to market the right way, how to do backend marketing properly, how to automate my online marketing, and I was able to get a lesson in delivering “consulting advice” – and how to conduct myself as a consultant that I will never forget.


  1. In business terms, do you do consulting in other areas besides marketing – such as copywriting content creation?


Yes. I do help in giving feedback with ads and creating and marketing content. But I don’t create these marketing pieces for you.


What kind of skills will you acquire if I did everything for you, and then when we agree to end the consulting, you went back to losing money? It would hinder you more than help you.


You need the information, and you need to implement what you’ve learned so that it can become 2nd nature to you.


  1. Have you’ve had a big consulting failure?


Yes. Oh yes! With my first client, I didn’t know how to organize documents, my home office, and I was poor at notating things on my calendar. And as an internet marketing consultant that’s not acceptable.


I lost a $200/month client, and almost made me cry. I felt terrible that I didn’t produce revenue for him, but it only made me stronger – and better.


I learned tremendously from this, and now find stability in my current clients’ whose businesses are growing each month.


  1. Do you just tell me what to do?


Yes. I do NOT work on your website. I tell and recommend things to do and how to do it. This is only for YOUR benefit, and it relates to Question #8.


You could say I’m holding your hand and teaching you HOW to fish, not feeding you fish.


  1. Can I e-mail and text questions to you 24/7?


Yes. I will respond quickly to email and text questions that you send me - 24/7. No matter the time of day.


  1. Will we speak more than once per week?


Yes. Twice a week, with a maximum of 30 minutes per day. I will also give you a “to-do” list after each session.


13.                       Do you know of any effective ways to get leads other than relying on PPC?


Yes. Absolutely, and it doesn’t consist of doing any brand building, solo ad marketing, traffic exchanges, spam blogs, unsolicited email marketing, and any other poor marketing technique.


Well will use PPC, but it won’t be the root of your business.


  1. Do you recommend any automation tools?


Yes. There are tons of automation tools that will alleviate alot of your marketing. This is especially true when it comes to social media marketing.


I’ll recommend you my favorite automation tools that I use for marketing, and also the tools I use speed up my navigation from site to site.


  1. I noticed at one point your consulting rates were 50%

                   lower than what it is now. Can I get your consulting        
                   services at the 50% rate you previously had it at in the



Yes. LOL surprisingly, if I have the audacity to change my consulting rates from time to time, then I deserve to get little-to-no clients. Heck, if I had the audacity to lower my consulting rates, then I deserve little in terms of maximum profit. Period.


Do you want an internet marketing consultant who is assured of themselves, or a consultant who is desperate enough to cut their rates in half just to get a client (who probably won’t stay long)?


  1. Are you familiar with any statistical analysis software?


Yes. Some of these stat analysis software that I know of are part of the tools I recommend in Question #14 above.


If I didn’t know of any such software, automating your marketing would be impossible – and this is not what I want to happen to you.


17.                       Have you ever suggested a new marketing strategy that a client didn’t want to follow?


Yes. It resulted in a lack-luster campaign. The client designed her self-defense website in the image of her competitors. She argued that her competition has a high Alexa ranking, so they HAVE to making big money.


But Alexa ranking means nothing in terms of revenue. I suggested running a particular campaign on Google Ads, but she didn’t agree with it because she thought her competitors weren’t doing what I was proposing.


Unfortunately, she persistently disagreed with me, so I chose to voluntarily end my services for her.


  1. Do you have knowledge of my industry?


Yes. I’ve worked with internet business owners in differnet businesses, practices, sales careers, and niches.


So essentially I’ve got my fair share of experience when it comes to my ability to boost the revenue in your business.


At the end of the day, internet marketing is simple, and I know how to boost sales – and also WHY your business will see an increase in sales with my help.


  1. Have you worked with clients like me?


Yes. 95% of all my clients can use my instruction and guidance to increase their sales. For most clients, there is instant application of my strategies – without any creative thinking at all.


When clients come to me, they’re able to instantly and easily apply my strategies with no difficulty at all. The reason is because good marketing is good marketing is good marketing.




20.                       Is there anything positive that you can guarantee if I hire you?


Yes. I can guarantee a surge of traffic, leads, and sales with my help. I can also guarantee a way to secure your business future selling high-ticket items. This is how you will get RICH online.


But to be more direct, if after 3 months you’re not getting more leads and sales with my help, I’ll ask if you want to continue with my help – all for free – for 1 more month.


Then if you decide that you want to continue my internet marketing consulting services, we’ll get back to business and continue to work together.


  1. Do you have a simple to understand payment structure?


Yes. My fee is charged monthly. My internet marketing consulting services are $200/month.


22.                       If I feel like the consulting isn’t helping, can I terminate your services at any time?


Yes. Absolutely, you can cancel at any time, and I won’t hassle you about the reasons why.


My goal is to help you in every way, and if you feel I’m not giving you helpful advice that’s leading to more sales, then by your request, I’ll terminate my services with you.


23.                       Is there 1 unique advantage that you have over other internet marketing consultants?


Yes. The 1 unique advantage that I have over other consultants is my exclusivity. Whenever you need to reach me, I’m there.


I’m not a faceless corporation.


24.                       Have you ever owned and ran an internet business of your own?


Yes.  Here is my other website, along with a few testimonials:




This powerful internet marketing resource from one who has
been there and done that is a must-have for anyone with an
ambition to start an online business. Randall Magwood doesn't
make any vague promises; he actually delivers!  

His "Internet Marketing Cash Machine" is a chance for anyone
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is so fool-proof that even someone without any experience can
get right on track from day one. The ebook itself is 370 pages
long. No fluff in here... just clear steps you can easily profit from.

Randy Knapp
, VA


Randall Magwood's Internet Marketing Cash Machine is a
goldmine!  What you'd find in here goes beyond every
expectation. I have sampled plenty of money-making
opportunities online.  In fact, I've spent hundreds of dollars on
training manuals, video guides, online courses just in the last
8 months.  So I know what I'm talking about. So much of what is
out there, purported to be "The Once In a LifeTime
, is actually shameless hype.  Having downloaded
this guide and reviewing the material, I think can tell you right
now that nothing else I've seen comes close to this!  

Charles Hesse
Coronado, CA


I also sell on eBay to get free, targeted (and paid) customers to sell my consulting services to. You can check out my eBay profile here:




25.                       Can I expect new sales from my current customers?


Yes. This is where the bulk of your income will come from. 80% of all business profits come from selling over and over again to your existing customers.


It costs alot to advertise and acquire a new customer. But once you’ve acquired that customer, you have them – potentially for life. This is what we need to focus on first for immediate sales.


26.                       Are you able to figure out the mathematical statistics of our product sales?


Yes. This is easy. I excelled at math in high school and in college, and the simple math needed to figure out the stats of your business is no harder than 8th grade pre-algebra.


But most online business owners are too lazy to do the math that will give them the answers to all of their sales questions.


Instead, they’d rather stay broke.


  1. Should I anticipate noticable results fast?


Yes. The first thing you will notice is an increase of leads to sell to. Once this happens, all we have to do is continue to gather a leads and then promote your products to them.


After that, sales will occur. Then they will occur indefinitely.


The money really is in the list – no matter what you sell, and no matter how sophisticated your niche is. But we can definitely be professional when marketing your website.


28.                       Do you provide any other capabilities besides verbal consulting?


Yes. I’ll also critique your ads, emails, and sales pages to make sure everything looks good before you launch a new campaign.


  1. Should I hire YOU, over a Marketing Agency???


Yes. For your sake, YES! Lol marketing agencies tend to focus their energy on brand building and “getting your message out there”.


This usually results in bad marketing in the form of:


a)     Banner ad brand advertising that doesn’t get clicks


b)     Buying bad email lists (from list brokers) with email addresses that no longer exist


c)      Brand advertising in the form of native ads


d)     Using poor pay-per-click advertising platforms


e)     A content producing idea that can’t be at least 90% automated


f)       Poor SEO rankings due to outdated tactics


g)     And more that only causes you to lose money


30.                       Do you offer a service guarantee?


Yes. At the end of every month, I will ask you to evaluate the worth of my consulting. If it's not worth more than what you’ve paid me, we either adjust what I'm doing… or we terminate the relationship.


But to be more direct, if after 3 months you’re not getting more leads and sales with my help, I’ll ask if you want to continue with my help – all for free – for 1 more month.


Then if you decide that you want to continue my internet marketing consulting services, we’ll get back to business and continue to work together.


31.                       Is your consulting rate affordable on a low budget?


Yes. My consulting rate is only $200/month.



There is not much more i can say…

except to tell you how much you will benefit


      When you think about it, how much is financial freedom worth? How much money is worthwhile to wake to a job & boss that you don’t like? Don’t you want to set the rules on your life and income?


      The cost of my internet marketing consulting services is $200/month. This is nothing compared to what other people I know charge - especially considering that you’re going to have access to me virtually anytime you want.


      I’ve poured my heart out and laid everything on the table. I have an ardent desire to help you make more money, have more fun in your business, have more free time, and have the life you’ve always wanted. Now the ball is in your court.

      Take advantage of this opportunity right now. How much longer do you want to be a slave to your job or business? How much longer do you want to struggle in life? How much longer do you want to wake up at 6am in the morning to go to work?

      I really don’t think that you want this to be your reality. How much longer do you want to wander around the Internet looking for the "million dollar secret"? There is none.

      Sign up below via the image and I’ll give you a call within 24 hours to discuss how I can help you make more money online.



Randall Magwood


P.S.  ONE LAST THOUGHT:  Think about this ONE last thought for minute before you make your decision...

      Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach their retirement age, and here’s what you’ll find – according to the Social Security Administration:

      Only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure; 5 will continue working (not because they want to, but because they have to); 36 will be dead; and 54 will be dead broke – dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living... That’s 5% Successful, 95% Unsuccessful.

      What group are you in? Keep doing what you’re doing, and you may wind up in the 95% category... The unsuccessful people! What does that say about all of your hard work, and your overall ambitious drive for online success?

      Make it easy on yourself. My services does ALL of the work for you. And if you accept it, you will finally be on your way to controlling your life and your destiny.

      Sign up today now, and within 24 hours - you'll get a phone call from me about your business. If you're truly serious... you'll answer the phone.


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