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Would you like to learn some highly effective digital marketing strategies? But first of all, what is “digital marketing”? Some people believe it’s a different form of internet marketing, but in truth, it’s actually the same thing. These days people come up with all different kinds of terms to re-describe the same thing. Digital marketing is the same thing – people are just trying to profit off of a different wording of the same topic.

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Welcome To Randall Magwood’s Internet Marketing Consulting Blog

Randall Magwood

Welcome to my internet marketing consulting blog. My name is Randall Magwood, and I’ve been a practicing internet marketing consultant for over the last 5 years. I’ve consulted with many online companies and am absolutely sure I’m the one consultant who will teach the knowledge you need to take your business to new levels of growth.

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Welcome to Randall Magwood’s Internet Marketing Consulting Blog.

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