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Welcome to my internet marketing consulting blog. My name is Randall Magwood, and I’ve been a practicing internet marketing consultant for over the last 5 years. I’ve consulted with many online companies and am absolutely sure I’m the one consultant who will teach the knowledge you need to take your business to new levels of growth.

On this blog you will learn all about the internet marketing consulting world, and how to carefully select the best consultant for you. You’ll learn internet marketing strategies also that you have probably never thought about. I’ve encountered that most online business owners have no clue about how to market their website.

If you’re someone who has a website and don’t know how to market it, you have to ask yourself, “What am I consistently doing wrong that’s causing me to lose money?” It’s a very important question to ask because if you don’t, you will never stop and take the time to reflect on what’s stopping you from achieving the success that you’re looking for.

Understand that as a consultant, I’ve consulted with companies who define “success” in a wide variety of ways. Some people think that having alot of website traffic means that a particular website is profitable. Some online business owners actually believe that having a high Alexa ranking means that a website is profitable. This is not true. is a website that displays website statistics about a particular website. From those stats they give you a particular “ranking” that is generally characterized by website traffic – and search engine ranking placement. For example, is ranked #1, and Facebook is ranked #2.

Now obviously Google and Facebook are profitable companies, but just because a rival competitor of your’s may have a high Alexa ranking, it doesn’t mean that they’re making more money than you. Or making any money at all! You can never delude yourself into thinking that. This is where alot of conflict occurs from website owners who think that a high Alexa ranking will guarantee them big income.

There are actually some scrupulous internet marketing consultants and coaches who will steer you in the direction of solely getting alot of website traffic. They do this because they want you to perceive that you’re business is “growing”. When in truth, they will suggest shady and poor website traffic methods such as traffic exchanges, link farms, feed blogs, search engine spamming, and bulk classified ad submissions.

And yes, these internet marketing consultants will charge you $500 or even $1,000, and will convince you that this is the way to make your website successful. But I assure you that this is not the truth. The only thing you should be focused on is implementing website and blog marketing techniques that make you money.

Now there are alot of consultants out there in the online world. You have SEO consultants, graphic design consultants, ad agencies and digital marketing firms, and then you have independent marketing consultants such as myself. The thing that sets me apart from the rest of these people is that I’m based in the real world. My internet marketing strategies work, and they work fast – if you implement them.

If you’re someone who wants your consultant to do all the work for you, and market your business for you, then I am not your guy. You might want to hire an agency who will give you less then mediocre results and will charge you $2,500 for those poor results. You need someone with real world application, and advice that will make you profitable immediately.

You have to be a motivated online business owner if you want success in the online world. Don’t contact me and ask me to build a website for you. And don’t contact me if you don’t have a website at all. If you only have a Facebook page about your business, do not contact me.

Who will be serious about doing business with you and purchasing from you if you don’t even have a website where they can learn more information about you?

I’ve dealt with clients like this, and my advice is stern and REAL. As a real world internet marketing consultant, I give you information that is legit, and that works TODAY. I stay on top of the internet marketing industry so that I can be the best that I can be. And I make that known throughout all of the platforms that I market through. You should do the same thing also.

As an internet marketing consultant, I pride myself on only high quality information and techniques. Most consultants and coaches can’t say that about themselves. Some will take advantage of you because you’re not familiar with the online marketing world, and will give you information that simply doesn’t work.

Or even worse, they will steal your ideas! Yes, I have seen this happen before.

With my services, I am offering you the chance to grow your business to new heights using the most updated internet marketing strategies. Just take a look at my blog for example.

Doesn’t it look like it’s primed for success and immediate profits? I assure you that my techniques work and if you follow my instruction and hire me for 1 POWER hour, you’re income can explode and you will start seeing the profits that you’ve been desperately searching for.

Thank you for visiting my blog and you will learn alot from it. And be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn, and Twitter for discussions and tips from a real pro who knows what he’s doing (I’m talking about myself here). To learn more about my internet marketing consulting services, simply visit the link below:

Randall Magwood’s 1-Hour Internet Marketing Consulting

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Visit back for more helpful information about internet marketing consulting and consultants, and I guarantee that you’ll get more than you bargained for. Take care and stay tuned for more new blog posts!

Randall Magwood

Internet Marketing Consultant Randall Magwood

By Randall Magwood

Internet marketing consultant Randall Magwood has been in the internet marketing industry for over 15 years. He's sold multiple products online on different platforms, and has been highly-successful at doing so.

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